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Tank and Cabinet

  • EA50
    Arc Aquarium 50cm
    Size: 50x26x25cm -Quality tank with curved front, polished edges, cover glass
    Inner:         Outer:    
  • EA56
    Garden Aquarium 60cm
    Size: 60x50x50cm -Quality tank with polished edges
    Inner:         Outer:    
  • EB02
    Pet Worx Deluxe Aquarium 36"
    36"x14"x18" Includes Led Light & Cover Glass
    Inner:         Outer:    
  • EB05
    Pet Worx Deluxe Aquarium 48"
    48"x14"x18" Includes Led Light & Cover Glass
    Inner:         Outer:    
  • EB06
    Pet Worx Deluxe Aquarium 48"x18"W
    48"x18"x21" Includes Led Light & Cover Glass
    Inner:         Outer:    
  • EC10W
    Pet Worx 48"x14"x30" Cabinet- White
    Size: 48”x14”x30” White Flat Pack
    Inner:         Outer:    
  • EC11W
    Pet Worx 48"x18"x30" Cabinet- White
    Size: 48”x18”x30” White Flat Pack
    Inner:         Outer:    
  • EC20
    Pet Worx 72”x14”x30" Cabinet-Black
    Size: 72”x14”x30” Black PVC Flat Pack
    Inner:         Outer:     1
  • EE35
    Pet Worx Scenic 400/600 Water Pump
    Inner:         Outer:    
  • EE40
    Pet Worx Scenic 400 Led Lamp 5w
    Inner:         Outer:    
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